Ayurveda Palms

Ayurvedic doctor Sangitha Khosla studied at the University of Bangalore and completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery summa cum laude in 1985. She then became a dermatologist at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Dehli. After working at Safdarjung Hospital for 10 years a turning point in her career came. In the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India she was first recognized as a pranic healer. Under the guidance and education of the Pranic Healer dr. Vandana she worked as her assistant from 1995 up to 1997, dividing her time in seeing patients and being a practical teacher. After 3 years Sangitha Khosla moved with her husband and 3 children to the Blue Mountains, Nilgiris-district in Indian State of Tamil Nadu and started her own practice as pranic healer under the name of Palms, which she continued under the name Ayurveda Palms when she came to the Netherlands in 2004.

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To be a practitioner is easy. You learn a job and you become qualified. To become qualified is needed in the world of “Maya” and is important to remind people, so that they don’t take you for granted. To be a healer is something different. From childhood I have always said: ‘Yoga is not complete without the spiritual path of Ayurveda; without that, you cannot get awakened.’ Once the ida and the pingala nadis get balanced and the kundalini rises from within the sushumna nadi all the way up, then you can get awakened, you can experience real yoga and then you will get the union with Brahma. My passion is to speak, to teach, to heal and transform the world with Avatarnika: a verbal offering of “power.”