Ayurveda Mother & Child


20 July 2019
10.00 to 12.00  Lunch -13.00 to 15.00

 21 July 2019
10.00 to 12.00  Lunch -13.00 to 15.00


In this course you will learn about different body types according to Ayurveda, and what changes happen after conceiving, through pregnancy and after delivery.

How to manage the changes, enjoy continued good health and ensure a healthy life for mother and the baby, both in the womb and after coming into the world.

Ayurveda as a science is all about prevention, of course Ayurveda has excellent curative skills, but prefers to keep the body free of disease, and its practitioner’s healthy.

According to Vedic knowledge, every person is unique and requires management accordingly which depends on various factors mainly imbalance of the three humours.

Thereafter specific conditions as age, health condition, balance of the mind, habits, emotions, lifestyle and occupation, will influence what is good and what is bad for you.

This will be explained in detail and given guidance about simple ways to make wise lifestyle decisions to have a healthy pregnancy easy delivery and healthy after delivery.

What will you learn?

Learn about Ayurveda with specific emphasis on Changes that happen in the body of a mother from the time she conceives and baby to develop healthy and care after being born, how to use this information specifically for your own self..


We have the study in two sessions

Morning session is 10.00 to 12.00  after that we will have lunch  afternoon session 13.00 to 15.00

suggest reach a little earlier and meet others, also stay some time after the course for personal consult.

Price and what is included?

Price of the course is 2800 kr

  • Certificate
  • Study notes.
  • 4 hours of classes
  • 15 minutes private consult.
  • Beverages, water and fruits.
  • Lunch is included 

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